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About Us

Tuck Techology Consultants, Inc is a non-profit that works hard to save your small business time and money. We customize your IT solution based on the type of business you have and the market that you are trying to reach. Because we are a non-profit we can concentrate on your bottom line and help your business succeed in the industry without the capital that your business would normally need to secure your digital footprint in whatever industry you are breaking into. Feel free to contact us so that we can come up with a customized solution that fits your needs.

Market Research

Who are you trying to reach within the market? Let us help you decide.

Information Technology

Allow us to show you how Information Technology can help your business.

Streamline Sales

Graduating you from a one tier system to multiple tiers of receivables.

Service Maintenance

After we implement your solution we will maintain and support it.
Maintenance/ Management 70%

Business Improvement Process

Leveraging the industry standard process Tuck Technology Consultants get your business on the right track.  Our process includes Analysis, Design, Development, Marketing based on the analysis and development which equals success.  We aren't just a company that develops web applications or IT solutions, but we leverage technology in order to propell your business forward.  At little to no cost to you.
The first step always starts with analysis. We must first take a step back and do a deep dive into your business.
Whether designing a solution or designing you process improvement plan design is a critical step in the phase.
After designing your solution it is now time to develop your solution. This phase is the largest of the phases.
Now comes the delivery or implementation process. This is the kick-off were we place the code or process live.
After the kick-off it is not time to market the changes or the process so that you get the visibility from your target audience.
Now that your business is successful we don't leave you high and dry, but we continue to tweak and support as necessary.

Tuck Technology Consultants, Inc is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the success of your small business. We go to great lengths to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with the product and support that they receive. Give us a try - you will not be disappointed.